Ethos & Expertise

Our Ethos 

We aim to provide outstanding value for money ? and we?ve demonstrated many times our ability to manage projects professionally and effectively at very realistic rates. We work hard to build up rapport, earn the trust of our clients, and understand the issues they face. This way we can act as their ambassadors and help to enhance the relationships with their stakeholders. We?re also honest about the fact that research doesn?t always go smoothly. Plans sometimes need to be adjusted. We use our experience to deal with the unexpected, communicate effectively, and take the initiative. We ensure that our research outputs are high quality, clear and user-friendly, with authoritative, practical and realistic policy recommendations.


Our team is skilled and experienced in a wide range of research methodologies ? including quantitative (surveys, statistics, data analysis) and qualitative (depth interviews and focus groups).  Our ability to cover both research strands means that we can provide you with the full picture, by combining the collection and understanding of data with employers? and individuals? perspectives and issues.  Understanding the intricacies of sample size, sampling approaches and weighting strategies, we know how to best exploit the data available, while also respecting its limitations.  We can apply our specific expertise in the areas of economic development and learning and skills sectors to help you evaluate, analyse, understand, and formulate strategy.  For private sector organisations who are bidding for public sector money ? for example for the funding of courses ? we can draw on our market knowledge to help with the analysis of secondary data, and research programmes to demonstrate evidence of need.