Below you will find an outline of some of our recent projects.

Investors in People (IIP)

Valued Research carried out a prestigious research project for Investors in People UK - the guardian of the national quality IIP Standard for effective investment in people. 

The research revolved around the potential of all or some of the Health & Wellbeing at Work framework, initially developed by the Department of Health, to be included within the revised IIP standard.

IIP UK commissioned the research in two phases - a quantitative survey of 1,000 organisations via telephone using a structured questionnaire, followed by 60 in-depth follow-up qualitative interviews with a cross-section of organisations who were willing to be re-contacted.

The research successfully met the objectives of providing additional evidence as to whether some or all of the Health & Wellbeing at Work criteria should be added into the IIP Standard when this is next reviewed, and of creating a wider evidence base in which to understand the evaluation findings from the initial pilots of Health & Wellbeing at Work.

Assetskills (Sector Skills Council)

Valued Research carried out a major project on behalf of Assetskills, who were asked by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) to conduct research with employers to establish their English language needs, and the impact of these on business operations.

Commissioned and presented at government ministerial level, the objectives were to inform ESOL policy aimed at employers, and support its provision.

Covering six Sector Skills Councils, the project involved a combination of primary research (152 telephone interviews with employers) and secondary desk research to contextualise the findings.

The result: high quality research outputs within a challenging timescale of less than a month.

Sector Skills Development Agency

Working in partnership, we provided research advice to 14 Sector Skills Councils who were preparing skills needs assessments (SNAs) for their sectors. 

This involved regular contact and support to provide expertise on where to get data, how to analyse it, how to contract and manage research projects with external organisations, and how to present and report. We were also asked to feed back to SSDA on the progress each SSC was making, and any issues that SSDA might need to help resolve.

The second part of the project involved evaluating skills needs assessment on behalf of the SSDA, and providing feedback on how it could be improved. This was a critical part of a five stage process that SSCs were undertaking to reach agreement on the qualifications, provision and funding required for their sector. The SNA is key to providing the underpinning evidence of need.

Susan Lanz was the lead project manager and key person pulling all this information together, supporting four SSCs, and proving feedback and evaluation to the SSDA.

This project was contracted initially via Mercia Research, and then transferred to Valued Research.